Writing 101: Serially Found

On day four, you wrote a post about losing something. Today, write about finding something.

I found my creativity. I spent my whole career (except for brief excursions as a waitress and a cashier) in the legal and related professions, where my job was to be analytical and reasonable. Any creativity advanced at that time was in logically obtained new ways to handle legal cases, or to argue to a judge. It is only with a few years of retirement, and taking my mind out of that hellhole, that I finally could allow the right side of my brain to relax and exhale.

And what an exhalation it was. Within two months, I had completed a 102k word novel, and was looking into what I did next. I was advised to start a blog, ergo, I am here. It entertains me that a blog meant to show my fantasy chops has turned into a hodgepodge of personal narrative, fantasy, politics and climate change. I write substantially less than half of my posts about the stated goal of this blog, fantasy. Every once in a while, I notice I have not said anything about my book (I hope to have it out in time for the holidays, hint, hint) or fantasy in general, and I write the next thing that pops into my mind on those subjects. Hence, the Dragons post yesterday, or was it the day before?

This would never have happened before, that I could rely on the right side of my brain to show up at need. Previously, I would have pounded my head against the door jamb and then give in to some logically acquired idea. But now, joy of joys, I have a creative stream that flows from my right brain until, usually, sleep overtakes me. Most of that 102k word monstrosity came out of me with no conscious thought at all, just a straight line from my right brain to my fingers. I learned the story after my fingers finished tying. It’s still working. While my first book is going through the workshop and editing process, I have started my second book, and it is already pressing 50k words.

I’m going to keep riding this wave from my right brain until it runs out. Feel free to join the fun!

7 thoughts on “Writing 101: Serially Found

  1. Stacey

    Wow! If only I could ride that wave! I’ve spent my whole career in the legal profession, too, but I have another couple of decades before retirement. I’m getting in touch with my creativity now, hoping that the more I use it, the more I’ll have. One day, I will write that book….


    1. bhalsop Post author

      I think if you just stop thinking and let your fingers type, you would find that the characters will finish the story for you. I was nearing the end of the first book, and had no idea how to resolve it. The characters took over my fingers, and I looked up when they stopped, and found my heroine had solved all the issues in one quick speech. So give it a shot. The worst that can happen is nothing.



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