The People’s Climate March preview

I have just arrived in Manhattan for tomorrow’s Climate March. I am sitting in a lovely cafe on 73rd St. drinking in decaf and atmosphere. I came on a bus of UUs from the Burlington chapter. For those who haven’t read my earlier posts, that stands for Unitarian Universalist. We are expected to have a very large contingent from Vermont tomorrow, both in  our co-religionists and also because Ben & Jerry’s produced some number of buses (last I heard it was 10 but I know they added at least one) for people all over Vermont. This tiny state has a big heart and it will be on display tomorrow in the march.

I am meeting my host family at one of the many programs for tonight at 5:30, but our driver made wonderful time and we were here before 2:30. So I found this lovely cafe where I can write and drink decaf coffee until it is time to walk over and meet my new friends.

This is a big issue, and I hope all my followers and readers will support whatever local action is happening near them on this most important Sunday for the health of Mother Earth. Dare I add that Gaia makes a brief appearance in my upcoming book, as does an environmentalist. I started it long ago, but it seems fortuitous that I am sitting in this cafe, editing the part of the book that deals with environmental issues. I hope you will help in any way possible to make the climate an issue with your state, your representatives and senators, your country, and for my friends across the pond, your MPs.

What do you think? Please comment!

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