Chain blog or I got tagged!

One of the blogs I follow has nominated me to continue this chain.  Under its terms I must share seven unknown facts about myself, then link to 15 of my favorite blogs. Those blogs then in turn write similarly revealing posts. The problem is that I only have about 15 blogs I like and half of them are on the referrer’s list. I’ll figure something out.

1. I have been vegetarian/vegan since October of 1989.

2. I have four cats under the age of two and a half, which certifies me as a crazy cat lady.

3. I have bounced around faith and spirituality practices for more than 25 years, but have found what appears to be my home in the religion/nonreligion known as the Unitarian Universalists, colloquially UUs.

4. I love dragons, and wish they really existed, but not the bad ones. Mine are sentient and ethical (mostly).

5. I believe that people without agendas can manifest things in this world, that we can change our surroundings with the power of thought.

6. I hate cilantro, which goes by many names around the world. I think it tastes terrible, and it leaves a funny taste in my mouth.

7. I have a Vermont Teddy Bear, holstein-style, sitting in my childhood rocking chair.

So here are my nominated bloggers, and I’ll try to make the links work.

Quinne Darkover,

Tara Sparling,


Kathryn Jenkins,


Claire Luana,

Brian Marggraf,


Fairy Tale Feminista,

Beth Hammond,


Opinionated Man,

Renee Scattergood,


According to Hoyt,

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