The trials and tribulations with computers

As some of you know, I trashed my MacBookPro a little over two weeks ago while driving to a writers’ retreat. A water bottle fell over and inundated my computer because the top was on incorrectly and I did not notice. I hoped my insurance would cover it but it did not. The company had recently added a rider for computers, and I had never been told. I have had computers since the 1980s and have never spilled water on one before (except for the occasional drop of coffee or whatever). I bought the new rider because a friend had offered to loan me a Dell laptop. All was right with the world for a little while.

Then yesterday, or was it the day before? One of my cats spilled a water glass that I had left in a bowl to make it less accessible. The bowl is broken, the water is all over the computer and I have killed two computers in  two weeks, both with water. My insurance company is already sending me the check for the second computer because we found the same computer on sale for the same amount in my area. They were all out in my friend’s neighborhood in Florida. We arranged for the store here to ship the replacement to the Florida store in-house, which means my friend does not have to address the issue of shipping.

The one problem with the second computer is that the cat spilled the water before I backed up my day’s work. I had lost between 7,000 and 8,000 words on my WIP. It had been a very good day and I had been inspired. Those don’t come often enough to dare lose it. I bit the bullet and went to a local computer repair shop, to ask if they could save my WIP. They are now going to try to retrieve my work, in exchange for my giving them the computer to cannibalize for parts. Happy day!

My new computer should be along in a few days. The delay is that the provider of the new computer is trying to retrieve my data from the old MacBookPro. This is essential because I have 25 days worth of music on my iTunes. I have over 200 pictures that have been removed from my camera to make room for more. These have not been backed up. So the real question is, will I get my old stuff back or not? To be continued….

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