To Do-Done! Daily Prompt

I’m  supposed to write about five things in my life that I’d like to change? How about getting rid of all of my chronic diseases? I have five and I’d dearly love to be shot of all of them. Do they affect me every day? Three of them are in the background but always show up on all the tests and inform my behavior on a daily basis, in that there are some things that I just don’t do because of them.

The two that affect me obviously every day are not so easy to ignore. I would like to go outside and shuffle my feet through the fallen leaves without suffering a monstrous allergy attack. I would like to enjoy the spring flowers and the flowering trees that send their sweetness out to the world. I would like to know what register my voice would be in, if my voice box was not always bathed in mucous. But it will never be. Besides it’s fun in church to be the one singing in that very low register. People around me find themselves singing deeper because of me.

But it is one of the silent ones that is likely to kill me. Or maybe two acting against each other. Because the treatment for one may harm another, the doctors have to talk together and make decisions mindful of each other. This is not a bad thing. But all in all, I’d rather not have all five chronic diseases. If I thought I could negotiate with fate, trust me, I would!

3 thoughts on “To Do-Done! Daily Prompt

  1. Takeshi

    Sigh. Even though you can’t enjoy things that others are enjoying right now, you can still enjoy living in a world even if you don’t have to change anything at all.
    Nice post!



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