I’m Ba-a-ack!

The trauma of the missing computer is over for the time being. A good friend has loaned me a laptop until I can get back to my preferred platform of a Mac. After two days of misery trying to get a brand new laptop PC to work, it is finally in fine fettle, and lets me access important pages, like this one and my email. That whooshing sound you hear is actually a huge sigh of relief.

I have been surprised by all the fun news I’ve missed. George Zimmerman in a road rage incident. Sarah Palin’s family involved in a knock down, drag out fight with an ex-boyfriend of one of the Palin daughters. (Sorry, I can’t keep that whole family straight!) The world going to hell in a hand-basket in the Middle East, but I suppose that’s not news anymore. Not to mention Ukraine.

But most importantly, I am writing again, and I thought I ought to bring you all up to date on the novel front. The first part of Fantastical Trips has been workshopped, and expanded by some five thousand words. The workshop of the second section is next Tuesday, so I will have more work to do on it thereafter. The final two sections will be workshopped on October 7, which will leave me one week before my editor is to begin her review. Assuming, of course, that the amendments performed on the first two sections will be enough for her to start with, and I may have the third section done by the 15th, her start date.

The second novel is what I am working on now. It  has a working title of The Wandering Way, but that is open to change since I am only about halfway through (or so I think!) and am only getting to the second section now. The third novel will be a prequel to Fantastical Trips and I have sketched out the beginning. I will have to go back to the first book after each workshop, but will have free rein with TWW after FT goes to the editor. And I can’t wait to name the third one, but it is so infant in its status that it doesn’t deserve one yet.

Stay tuned to this site. I will disclose publication dates and status updates regularly.   It is good to be writing again!

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