Soon to return

I know I have been absent again, and it worries me. I will know on Friday if my request for a loan has been granted. Even if it has, I will not get my new computer for another week because the techs will be trying to restore all the data from my poor, waterlogged, old computer.

There is however a silver lining. A friend, who has bought a new laptop, is going to lend it to me until my new computer is up and running. This is proof that there is still goodness in this world. And I am extraordinarily lucky to be the recipient of this goodness.

It reminds me of a character in a steampunk book I read awhile ago. It has the most wonderful character in it called the Captain. The name of the book is “The Captain and the Lady Fair: Changing Times” and I commend it to anyone who enjoys steampunk, or who loves tales of women getting ahead on their own merit. The Captain is a feminist in quasi Victorian times, and the book is delightful. I feel as if my friend and benefactor must have asked himself, “What would the Captain do?”

I hope to have the loaner on Thursday. I expect to return then with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes, as my mother used to say!



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