Cover Art for Fantastical Trips

I arranged with an English artist to do the cover for my first book. She has done a number of paintings I have admired, including the three dragon paintings now gracing the wall above my desk. They serve as inspiration when things are going slowly. Unfortunately, the story I’m working on now has no dragons in it. At least, not yet. As a Pantser, I cannot say with certainty what will come in the latter stages of the book.

But Fantastical Trips has dragons in it, as well as sorcerers from earth, cat people called felixities, and raven people called avanees. These are important, since the cover design reflects an important  meeting between one of the two top sorcerers and two felixities, an avanee and a kerp, a perfect human only shrunk to about two feet tall.

The sketch of the cover picture can be found at  [For reasons I do not understand, Pinterest is putting an additional suffix on this link. You will have to erase the language after “…trips/” and then you should get the board.] You will also see there some pictures that I passed on as models for the ones on the cover. There was much hemming and hawing on the issue of the felixities’ legs. There is one scene in which they kneel with Freddy, who starts to laugh when she sees that the felixities’ feet point forward. It was therefore essential to have the felixities drawn with legs that would indeed point forward when they kneel.

As you will see in the rough drawing on the Pinterest site, the legs are successful. The sorcerer is fine looking. There will be a dragon on the back. And I cannot wait until I have the cover in my hands. I shall share it with you when I do. My editor will begin working on the book on October 15, which should give me time to make necessary changes in time for a pre-Christmas release.  I will keep you posted!

What do you think? Please comment!

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