The Daily Prompt for 8/22/2014

Pick Your Potion

Captain Picard was into Earl Grey tea; mention the Dude and we think: White Russians. What’s your signature beverage — and how did it achieve that status?

Very simple. I drink water all day, and in the morning may have a cup or two of black coffee. Anything else is outside my comfort zone. Water has been a staple for many years, dating back to the days when I exercised regularly and needed to rehydrate. I also have allergies and, on a potent day, I can lose a fair amount of fluid by coughing, sneezing and blowing my nose. On the really bad days, my eyes and nose are trying to complete the marathon I never did. So water is my body’s elixir.

The coffee is another story. I am mindful that my mother used to drink nothing but coffee, and would have a dozen or more cups a day. She would wake up in the middle of the night, and drink a cup of coffee to settle herself back down. I was on the opposite side of the caffeine spectrum. If I had caffeine after lunch, or post 1 p.m., I would not be able to get to sleep. So coffee has always been a morning drink for me, with the occasional decaf after dinner.

Lately, caffeine no longer wakes me up. I may have finally turned into my mother, as I age through my 60s. I take a cup of coffee on mornings with no oomph in them, and find myself napping half an hour later. No caffeine blockage anymore. But trust me, if I drink the stuff after lunch, I will be up all night. Go figure.

What do you think? Please comment!

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