Off the shelf

This is WordPress’ prompt of the day, and it started me thinking.  They ask us which book we would take off the shelf and read again if time were no barrier. I have narrowed it down to two authors, Patricia McKillip and Charles deLint, but am having difficulty deciding which book. They both have written so many good stories that they feel like old friends. I have narrowed it down to Od Magic by Patricia and The Little Country by Charles. If only WordPress would give me enough time, I would read both.

I first read Od Magic about eight years ago when I talked my local library into buying it. It thrilled me, and convinced me it was good enough that I ought to buy it to read again about four years ago. Maybe I’m supposed to read it every four years, and that is why it is calling to me. It barely beat out The Alphabet of Thorn, but I read that last year, and I think it is too soon to re-read. Patricia writes beautifully and should be at the top of anyone’s wishlist if you love, as I do, great fantasy.

The Little Country is a book that I owned for a few years before I read it. I started it two or three times and put it down because it was so long and I had no time. When I finally found the time to read it, I chastised myself for not having read it earlier. It is another of Charles’ wonderfully imaginative and  magical stories, and it should never have to sit unread on a shelf. Every book I have ever read from Charles has moved me and taught me, and he makes mystery and magic accessible to all.

So now, as I go back to editing, I have had the hunger to read stoked to distraction. Bah, humbug.

What do you think? Please comment!

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