How much should I pay for editing?

How much should I pay for editing?. Check out this story.

I have looked for an editor, or an agent, or an angel, and found an editor on LinkedIn. But much of the research I did in looking for an editor is not easily replicated. I would find something interesting, hit a link and lose myself in no time. I couldn’t find my way back, and so kept forging on ahead. Then after having sent my manuscript off, I found this post and said to myself that I had found myself a deal. Because I am not paying the fees by the chart on this page. I am paying quite a bit less, and hope that I am getting more than my money’s worth.

The whole issue of self-publishing is fraught with danger. One hears the stories of books with good ideas but so badly written that they had clearly never seen an editor’s pen. One hears of amateurish covers, poor blurbs, write-ups for Amazon or whomever so ungrammatical as to give fair warning of the deficiencies of the books. Writing is a craft, and many people rush to publish without giving enough homage to the craft, losing what could be a very good tale to hubris and presumption.

I worry that I may be one of these. My book will be edited. And then it will be workshopped by my local group, the Burlington Writers Workshop. This group should be emulated across the country, in towns small and large. It provides constructive feedback for writers anywhere along the scale from newbie to MFA. It had helped me enormously and the document I now have is head and shoulders above its rough draft. But could it be better? I guess I’ll know by the first week of October.

I’m trying to take this one step at a time. Maybe I’ll know by mid August or mid September that another rewrite will be required. But I will know that I have done what I can to bring this product to fruition. Without BWW, I would never be here. And for that I am truly grateful.



One thought on “How much should I pay for editing?

  1. Martha Kennedy

    After making some big mistakes with my novel, Martin of Gfenn, I hired an editor for my second (after I had it read by all my careful friends!). It was a very good decision. The woman who worked with me on Savior was Beth Bruno. As I had a more-or-less completed and “finished” manuscript, she was able to really help me with some small style matters and infelicities of voice and language — and proof-reading at a high level. I spent $1250 for her services and it was money well spent.



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