Public Service Announcement

I’m not sure this is the right place to post this, but I saw a disturbing video on You Tube about big cat sanctuaries, and why we should not patronize them. A young woman on vacation went to a petting zoo that contained big cats. The huckster told her that the baby lions and tigers would be sent for rehabilitation after their time in the petting zoo. She began to question it when she saw a park employee beating a panther. She left the line and went home to contact sources that might know more about this abuse. I will let the rest of the video speak for itself. Please find it at 

I hope after you watch the video that you will contact your representatives and urge further protections for these magnificent creatures. These animals do not deserve to be in zoos or petting parks. There was a recent case in Europe, when a jaguar escaped from the Lovech Zoo in Bulgaria. He managed to escape only because a park employee left the gate open. Employees of the zoo and other authorities tried to catch the cat with tranquilizer darts and were unsuccessful. They called in  a hunter, did not ask him to try to use the tranquilizer gun, and instead allowed him to kill the jaguar.

This is a tale that shows man’s inhumanity when it comes to animals in his trust and care. This cat got the death penalty for something a human did.  When will we learn that these cats are not toys that can be discarded when inconvenient?  We have an obligation to other species not to damage them in any way for profit. When these cats have been discarded by the zoo in the first story, they are taken by traffickers in animal parts to be killed and cut up for parts. These traffickers should not be able to find such easy pickings in this country. We must set a standard for the world to follow. Please join me in fighting for the lives and welfare of the big cats.

What do you think? Please comment!

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